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Lovely Illustrations

Found this picture on


It’s by Rexbox and you can link to his blog, hairy teeth, here. There is some really nice stuff on it.


Shocking stuff

I made the mistake of watching daytime television recently…


…not very subtle.

Amazing Nuts! – Studio 4°C’s Global Astroliner

Very Jamie Hewlett, I wish there was more stuff like this about, style-wise.

It’s available on Japanese import on a DVD compilation called Amazing Nuts, I haven’t got it, I’ve just seen this on youtube, but it’s probably great.


New illustration – it’s a man in a massive hat and a coat that’s too long in the armhatman.jpg

First post – The old Lady and the Pigeons

This is brilliant, it’s Sylvain Chomet’s (Belleville Rendez-vous) early animation, it’s called The Old Lady and the Pigeons. When there’s people like him about you wonder why you bother.

Someone has put it on Youtube in three parts:

Part 1:


Part 2:

Part 3:

What you reckon?

It begins…

sitting down and saying hello

hi, my blog has begun – more or less.